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  • Dr. Chiu took care of my daughter this year. She was in her senior year of volleyball season when she injured her hip. She was insistent on finishing out the season and he was able make that happen for her. They worked as a team to get her through to her goal of finishing out senior year without surgery! About a week after the season ended she had her hip arthroscopy done successfully. Not only is his bedside manner amazing, his patience with her was even better. She lives with a significant amount of anxiety and he was able to calm that down. Not only did I have a lot of trust in him, so did she! She is now 4 months post op and doing incredible. Working out, running, and not having any pain! It is one thing to have surgery yourself, but entrusting your child to someone is a big deal for me! I would not have chosen anyone else!
  • My profession is in the medical device field which requires me to be in the operating room so I'm fortunate to have access to multiple orthopaedic surgeons in the area. When I suffered a broken ankle that I knew had to be surgically repaired I went to Dr. Chiu. Dr. Chiu took the time to make sure I understood every step of the process in order to return to my active lifestyle. Before surgery Dr. Chiu had me get a CT Scan done which uncovered the complexity of one of my fractures which most surgeons would not have done. I was also very grateful for the time spent during my office visits to make sure I understood everything and had all of my questions answered. Thank you Dr. Chiu!!!!!
  • I felt so fortunate and blessed to be recommended to Dr. Chui from the hospital. It was the easiest surgery I have ever had. I had no downtime at all and literally just one day of discomfort, no pain. It turned out exactly like he said it would. Thank you Dr. Chui for making this surgery so easy for me. You the man
  • I compound fractured my ankle. There was talk that I might lose my foot. Dr. Chiu was called in to do emergency surgery. Thanks to Dr. Chiu I did not lose my foot and I am back walking again. Excellent doctor, would highly recommend him.
  • I have recommended Dr. Chiu to everyone looking for a great Orthopaedic doctor. Great personality and listens to your concerns and provides excellent care.
  • Dr. Chiu was extremely knowledgeable. I had a very badly torn MCL Knee playing soccer and after getting the MRI results, Dr. Chiu reviewed all options and decided that no surgery was needed . He and his staff provided first-class care, exercises to help with range of motion and strengthening the knee. Highly recommend.
  • I had an orthopedic accident and broke my right wrist and my left shoulder. I was transferred to the emergency room at Northwest Community. Dr. Chiu was the attending orthopedic. I was so nervous since i had not met the him before or did my research on him. My case was extremely complex. I had to put my trust in him. He put me back together and closely monitored my progress. I am so thankful to have met him. He is an amazing doctor. He is genuinely concerned for his patients and their care. I was able to recover under his care. Great doc.
  • Illinois Bone and Joint Institute was recommended to me by my long time orthopedic surgeon who was retiring. I was introduced to Dr. Chui for a very badly torn shoulder muscle. The work he did was quite extensive and after all is said and done, I have had a 100% recovery. All through the pre-surgery and post-surgery Dr. Chui kept close tabs on how I was fairing with the whole ordeal.
  • Dr. Chiu was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to thoroughly explain my treatment options and procedures. He is a caring and highly skilled surgeon.
  • Dr. Chiu is an excellent doctor. He was extremely professional and efficient.
  • Dr. Chiu had great knowledge of what was needed to treat my hip correctly. He presented me with treatment options, all while keeping in mind my active lifestyle and career. The procedure was a success, I began walking 5 weeks post surgery!
  • Dr. Chiu is very knowledgeable and an outstanding surgeon. He took the time to explain my condition & options in terms I could easily understand. My arthroscopic knee surgery went extremely well. I experienced minimal pain post surgery & was walking without crutches within 6 hours after my surgery. HIGHLY recommend him. Thank You Dr. Chiu !!!
  • Dr. Michael Chiu takes his time to listen to your concerns than patiently explains everything that needs to be done. His bedside manner is excellent and his staff is very friendly. My wife had an issue with her knee. We were referred to Dr. Chiu by a friend who had visited him 3 months ago with a knee injury, had surgery, and his care was exceptional. For my wife he provided a cortisone shot and her improvement was 100%. We would referrer Dr. Michael Chiu to any of our family and friends.
  • I saw Dr. Chiu for a left hip labral repair scope. If you are looking for a kind, patient doctor with knowledge and expertise he is your guy! Every visit I was able to express my concerns and know he was listening. I never felt rushed and always had my questions answered. His bedside manner is one of the best I have come across (I am a nurse so I have seen a lot). After the first appointment I knew he was the right doctor for me and I could trust him for my surgery!

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